Summer, sun and… pigmentation

Sommar, sol och… pigmenteringar
9 maj, 2019
Det rätta sättet att bota rosacea
13 november, 2019

It’s finally here - the time of year that we have all been longing for. The days are becoming longer and lighter, and the sun is becoming increasingly apparent with every day that passes – and unfortunately, so are skin pigmentations.

Many of us are troubled by different varieties of pigmentations. Pigmentations are usually harmless, but they can be quite aesthetically bothersome. Most people will suffer from common sunspots (lentigos) sooner or later as a result of careless sunbathing and old sun damage. This type of mark is often located superficially in the skin, in the epidermis, and is therefore relatively easy to treat with the help of laser treatments or chemical peels at our clinic.

Melasma is often characterized by larger affected regions of skin with symmetrical pigmentation, usually located on the forehead, cheekbones, or upper lip. These are caused by hormonal imbalances in combination with sun exposure, and may, in some cases, return to normal after the hormones have stabilized (for example after a pregnancy or after stopping birth control pills). In some cases, however, more results-oriented treatments are needed to overcome melasma. Laser and IPL are two of the most common treatments on the market for melasma. Unfortunately, in the event of an improper treatment, laser and IPL can actually further aggravate the melasma, as there is a risk that the heat from the laser will stimulate and burn the pigment. To treat melasma while avoiding these negative risks, we use the well-proven Cosmelan treatment method. Cosmelan gives us the capability to treat every type of pigmentation without risk - regardless of the patient’s skin type.

Cosmelan provides quite amazing results when treating pigmentations such as melasma, age spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darker spots that often occur as a result of pimples and inflammation of the skin). This proven method of treatment includes a two-step process where the first step is performed at the clinic, and then the rest of the treatment is completed at home on your own. This process makes the treatment effective and controlled. The end result will be a significantly smoother skin tone and increased glow.

No matter which treatment method you choose, it is extremely important to choose a well-respected, serious clinic to achieve the best results and avoid any negative surprises. Also, don't forget the most important thing when it comes to pigmentation: stay out of the sun!