A Magic Wand for Your Skin

Ett trollspö för din hud
23 april, 2019
Det här händer med huden när du äter socker
27 april, 2019

Do you feel that your skin is dull, dry, tight or lackluster? Do you have large pores, irregular sebum production or acne scars? Then you are not alone - many experience similar problems. Fortunately, there is a solution for all these problems - Dermapen.

What happens in the skin during a Dermapen treatment?

During a Dermapen treatment (also known as microneedling), a mechanical pen is drawn over the skin. The head of this pen contains many tiny needles that create small microchannels in the skin. The pen also vibrates gently during treatment which helps to distract the nerve signals in the skin and leads to a more comfortable treatment.

The needle head consists of 16 sterile needles that are capable of creating 1,920 microchannels in the skin per second. The creation of these small “holes” in the skin allows for a number of positive effects to occur. The controlled “trauma” to the skin triggers breakdown of the old skin and forces the skin to self-heal. When this happens, collagen production increases, skin irregularities are reduced, and cell renewal kicks off. This means that old and damaged skin is cleared away while new, fresh skin surfaces. The microchannels created with dermapen also increase the absorbency of skin care products. This allows the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin instead of staying on the surface, which further improves the result.

At ShapeBy, we use the newest, most updated version of the Dermapen device - Dermapen 4, which was released at the end of 2018.

What makes ShapeBy's Dermapen treatment unique?

At ShapeBy, we always strive for the best and most tailor-made results on the market. We have therefore developed a completely unique Dermapen treatment that stands apart from the crowd (and which of course is better!)

Step 1

We always begin the treatment with a chemical peel. The peel can either consist of enzymes or acids and is hand-selected and mixed by our skin therapist depending on your individual skin type/skin conditions. A chemical peel prepares the skin before the Dermapen treatment. It removes dead skin cells and dirt from the skin surface, which means that the Dermapen treatment can be performed even deeper into the skin for a more effective treatment.

Step 2

The next step involves radio frequency. With radio frequency, we heat up the top two layers of the skin to cause the collagen fibers in the skin to coagulate. This leads to firmer and tighter skin.

Step 3

By Step 3, it's show time! Now we take the “magic wand” and start performing the Dermapen treatment. During the treatment, we apply low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to the skin which we boost with a variety of serums handpicked to suit your needs and desired results. Since every person’s skin is unique, we of course tailor each treatment just for you.

What can we treat with Dermapen?

All skin types, skin tones, and skin conditions can benefit from a Dermapen treatment. Because we can adjust the penetration depth of the pen from 0.2 mm - 3.0 mm, the treatment can be tailored for everyone - whether you suffer from deep acne scars or if you just want a little more glow!

If you are interested in undergoing a Dermapen treatment, you can book a time with Veronica, one of Sweden's best (true story!) authorized skin therapists, here.